COVID-19 Updates

Your health and safety is or number one priority. We have new sanitation protocols and provided sanitation protocols to all members. We have all mat areas marked with training zones provided by our health authority. And a temporary schedule has also been shared to manage all classes and maintain all guidelines suggested to us.

What day will gym be open for on-site training?

Phase 3 of Saskatchewan’s Re-Opening plan will allow all fitness facilities and gyms to re-open on June 8th, 2020.

What is the new temporary schedule?

We have sent out via email the temporary schedule. We also have it posted on the members group page along with Instagram. Click here to see Temporary Schedule.

How do I reserve my spot for on-site training?

Instructions and a temporary password have been sent to your email. If you haven’t received it or are having issues please give us a call. 306-501-3818. Click here to log in Web Portal.

Are you still offering Virtual Classes now that the academy is open?

Yes, we received interest from members that would prefer classes virtual for the time being.

Will I continue to be billed for my membership?

We understand completely if you choose to place your membership on hold. Holds have to be requested by phone or email before billing date. For all members that maintained there membership during this difficult time and accessed services virtually we thank you!

Here’s how we are thanking you for your support.

  • Holds were placed with no charge when requested.
  • All memberships with two or more family members were issued a discount. This family discount will continue as long as you are an active member with us.
  • To support other local businesses during this difficult time we had purchased Gift Cards as give away’s. These gift cards were given to members that participated in virtual classes and on-site.
  • For those that stuck with us we mail you a Thank You Gift Voucher that can be used for any services or products that we offer.

How do I find out more information on the Re-Opening and Covid-19?

We created an Re-Opening Complete Martial Arts and Fitness Plan. That plan also include resources about COVID-19. Click Here for the Re-Opening Plan.