Phase 3 – Summer Schedule

We ask that you sign the new waiver form using member connect and reserve your class online.

Morning classes are available again.  Please reserve your class 24 hours prior so that coaches know that you’re attending.

Phase 3 Summer Schedule

Monday – 6 PM – Beginner BJJ Class
Monday – 7:30 – PM – Advanced BJJ Class

Tuesday – 6 PM – All Levels Class
Tuesday – 6 AM – Fundamental BJJ (Starting July 7th)

Wednesday – 6 PM – Beginner Class
Wednesday – 7:30 PM – Advanced Class

Thursday – 6 PM – All Levels Class (No GI)
Thursday – 6 AM – Fundamental BJJ (No GI) 
(Starting July 9th)

Friday – 6 PM – All Levels Class 
Saturday – 12:30 PM – Open 

Minimal Contact Guidelines

  • Members will use the buddy system and train with the same partner.
  • Maintain reasonable distance between other members.
  • Temporary limited use of change rooms, showers and rest rooms.
  • Arrive to class with GI on and fully sanitized gym bags.
  • Please use complimentary face towel if you do not have one.

These guidelines are temporary until we can return to the normal with everyone’s health and safety in mind.