Bill Beaudry promoted to Black Belt at the 2016 World Championships

After a phenomenal performance at the 2016 World Master Championship Bill was promoted to Black Belt on the podium by Prof. AJ Scales.

Bill enter both the Super Heavy weight and Absolute brown belts divsions.  After placing Bronze in his respective weight Bill went on to submit 4 oppenants in the Absolute.

Congragulations Bill!  Bill received his Black Belt after eight years of training under Prof. Scales.

BROWN / Master 3 / Male / Open Class
First – William J. Beaudry – Complete Martial Arts Regina
Second – Harold Robert Petry – Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu
Third – Javier Riquelme Martinez – Mathias Ribeiro Team

BROWN / Master 3 / Male / Super Heavy
First – Mark Andrew Simonson – Raul Castillo BJJ
Second – Romain Patrice Zago – Start Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Third – Shawn Miller – Marcio Cruz BJJ
Third – William J. Beaudry – Complete Martial Arts Regina